The Flybike

flybike+boracay+philippines (13)The FlyBike is the new experience in water sports at Flyboard Boracay’s flight deck.

Fast, fun and easy to do tricks with, the FlyBike harnesses up to 350 horsepower to devour the water with…

If you can ride a bike, you can rock the FlyBike.


The FlyBike X1 requires two people to operate:

the FlyBike pilot controls both the direction and height,
A Personal Water Craft (PWC) rider controls the throttle and engine function

The PWC rider simply throttles up to approximately 60-90% of full power until the FlyBike pilot is ready to end the session. (You can purchase the FlyBike X1 waterproof two-way radios as an accessory for communication between the pilot and PWC operator.

The PWC operator can throttle down in the event that the FlyBike comes too close to any object in the water.

The FlyBike is capable of soaring to heights of up to 25 ft and dive 15 ft below the water while flying through the air at speeds of up to 25mph.

The FlyBike is extremely stable, agile, maneuverable, easy to fly and only takes approximately one hour to learn to fly proficiently.

The FlyBike X1 pilots and PWC operators are required to wear CSA/marine approved safety helmets and life jackets/personal flotation devices (PFD). One hour training with an approved FlyBike trainer is also recommended.


The design of the FlyBike was first done in our 3D CAD lab and then optimized using computational fluid dynamics – software which allows our engineers to maximize the thrust by eliminating turbulence making the flybike well balanced, agile and extremely powerful. After months of testing, we’ve brought the FlyBike down to a lightweight 35lb bike that harnesses up to 350 horsepower through three jets, all of which are easily under your control.

Minimum Requirements: In order to use the FlyBike you need at least 100HP+ watercraft. However, the more horsepower you have, the more exciting your FlyBike experience will be.