What is the Flyboard® ?

flyboard+boracay+philippines (15)The Flyboard® is a board like a wakeboard one brightens up with two pipes which, linked to a Jet-ski turbine with a 18 meters pipe, allows its user to highs up to 10 meters from water.

The nozzles under the feet ensure 90% of the propulsion.

Two pipes fixed on the forearms’ user (optionnal in the 2013 model) give two water jets, which insure a perfect equilibrium as ski poles.

On the Flyboard 2013, the Pro-rider version is included; the hand stabilizers can be removed and replaced by a plug.

The height that can be reached depends from the Jet-Ski power. With a 150HP, the Flyboarder can already highs up to 5 or 6 meters and with a 250HP, the user will use the maximum pipe length that is 12 meters.


Two versions are available.

The first version can be used at two: the first person is on the PWC while the second uses the Flyboard®.

This version allows a fast learning and great freedom of movement which depends on the feet tilt.

The second version is for a single use and allows a better flight precision.

Thanks to an optional electronic kit that allows to control the gazes from the Flyboard®, the user flies interdependently with a throttle placed in the right hand.

Indeed, the Electronic Management Kit is connected to the PWC thanks to a cable that give the user the commands ‘order. The Flyboard Pro-rider’s version EMK allows the user to control the PWC without hand stabilizers.

The Flyboard intuitive use provides exceptional sensations from the first utilization.

After few minutes, the user can already move underwater like a dolphin and challenge the gravity like a superman!



The Flyboard is a floating levitation devise that attaches to a personal watercraft for power.

It uses a water jet for precision flying through the air or underwater.

The Flyboard consists of a 50 foot power hose, foot bindings on a board with two thrust nozzles, a stabilization thrust nozzle on each wrist, and an optional Electronic Management Kit so that the person on the Flyboard can control the throttle and the on/off switch.

With practice, you can hover over 40 feet in the air for the best view of the water possible!